G.A. Fuller Artworks &Photography

Indigenous Story Telling Though the Creative Lens of G.A. Fuller

Quality Control

Giclee Printing: A high-resolution inkjet printing process that offers superior color accuracy, tonal range, and image quality. It reproduces the original artwork with museum-quality archival inks on acid-free paper or canvas.

Materials: The use of acid-free, archival-quality materials, including paper, canvas, ink, and protective coatings, is paramount in ensuring the longevity of the artwork.

Printers: The printes are professional grade, and have the ability to produce high-quality prints. The printer is calibrated to ensure the accuracy and consistency of color and tonality.

Assembly: The prints should be carefully inspected and trimmed to ensure they are free of defects. They should be mounted on acid-free backing, framed, and sealed with UV-protective acrylic glass or plexiglass.

Frames and Mats: High-quality frames and mats complement the artwork and provide protection from external elements such as dust and moisture.

Artist Cards: These are sometimes included with the artwork or sold separately, and provide information about the artist, the artwork, and the sometimes the printing process, depending on product format. They are sold in archival clear packaging.

Overall, the quality control of fine art photography involves attention to detail, use of high-quality materials, and adherence to archival standards.