G.A. Fuller Photography

Hello " way' sl' axt ",

It is through photography that Gerald brings us into his world. As a Snuneymuxw tribal (Coast Salish Nation) member, Gerald has a deep appreciation  of culture, history and mythology, it is from that awareness that Gerald's photography comes to be. One awakens and become aware to what a Pacific Northwest Totem Pole is, and what it represents. A recent comment from one of Gerald’s admirers was “Since attending a galley show and viewing several of Gerald’s images we became much more aware of  Totem Poles during our vacation along the Sunshine Coast,  "He opened our eyes in many ways to the their beauty, the culture, and the people that created them”.

The power of a photograph can bring us many things and can take us on a journey of discovery. In this case it is a culture deep in tradition, spiritualism and mythology. Gerald’s understanding and respect helps him draw out something  powerful in his photography, it brings us images one would never think were there. Colours that were once washed out with time, are now refreshed and brilliant as if painted yesterday.  His use of light and shadows has become undeniable traits and have evolved into a recognizable style of fine photographic artistry that has become his own.